Crime Scene Cleanup Services in Santa Clara County

After a crime or accident, the police or insurance company may come to collect evidence or take pictures. But after they leave, you may still have a mess to eliminate, and no one connected to the tragedy should have to do the job.  

That’s where we come in. Bio-One Crime & Trauma Scene Cleaning provides trauma and crime scene cleanup services in the Santa Clara County area.

We Make Your Life Easier

Our technicians are highly trained and skilled. We work with all major homeowners insurance companies, and we have all the necessary certifications to manage crime scenes so as to not negatively impact legal cases.

Our expertise in dealing with crime scenes and other tragic settings allows you to focus on processing the past and healing, rather than researching how to decontaminate and clean your property.

We also know that financial charges and problems are the last thing you need to deal with now, so we won’t charge you any out-of-pocket costs.

We Treat You With Kindness

Co-workers of someone who was injured or family members who were attacked may struggle to function after the initial upheaval. To add insult to injury, the legal and insurance processes can be stressful and frustrating, aggravating the tension.

While we can’t make all your problems go away, we can streamline the cleanup so we don’t add to your stress. We’ll be patient and kind with everyone involved as we work in your home, in your business, or on any other property where trauma or crime scene cleanup is necessary.

For help during this difficult period of your life, call Bio-One Crime & Trauma Scene Cleaning at 831.392.6563.