Author: Burl Mikesell
Date: 5/29/18

It’s 10pm and I’ve decided to call it a night after a long day of being on the road marketing Bio-One and doing all the other things that go along with running a business. I’m beat and fall asleep almost before my head hits the pillow. 

About 30 minutes later my Bio phone bringing me out of a deep sleep, I’m instantly awake as I answer it. On the other end I hear the soft sobbing voice of a woman saying that her son has committed suicide and could I come and do the cleanup. After a I find out a few things, I tell her we can be there in about an hour, she says no and asks if we can please come in the morning. We agree on a time, I asked her if she had anyone that can stay with her and she assures me that she is not alone.

As easy as it was for me to fall asleep an hour ago my mind is now full of thoughts.

I call my tech and tell him that we have a cleanup in the morning. 

We arrive at the home and I knock at the door, the mother that was only a voice the night before stands speechless before me, she motions me in and only points to a broken door, I push it open and take a quick look inside. We gather our equipment from the truck and head inside. 

After a couple of hours we are finished, all signs of what had happened the night before have been erased. With the exception of the memory for the family that will forever have the memory and questions that will never be answered.

If you know of someone that is having thoughts of suicide here are a few ways to seek help:
The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255
Crisis Text Line, Text START to 741-741
Trevor Project, an LGBT Crisis Intervention and Suicide Hotline 866-488-7386
If you or a loved one is a Veteran call the Crisis Line 800-273-8255

Contact us directly: 

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